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Recently, ZTE launched its very first smartphone based on ZTE Open Firefox OS and today we get the chance to bring you a complete review of ZTE Open smartphone. This review will guide you to decide whether it is a perfect smartphone for you or not.

ZTE Open Firefox OS Smartphone

Technical Specs of ZTE Open:

• Manufacturer: ZTE
• Model: Open
• Connections: microUSB
• Battery: Li-Ion 1200 mAh
• Dimensions: 114 x 62 x 12.5 mm
• Camera: 3.15 MP
• Operating System: Firefox OS

Both Mozilla and ZTE have worked with this product to offer a phone that will become the first smartphone to those who have never had a smart phone.

ZTE Open is very basic device comes with a price tag of 69 euros and it is also available for contract price, so it becomes a more attractive option for those who want a smartphone but are not willing to pay the price.



From the hardware point of view this is a low-end terminal. The new ZTE Open has a 3.5 inch HVGA TFT with resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, 3.2 megapixel camera, 1 GHz processor and 256 MB RAM. It also has an internal memory of 512 MB which is complemented with a 4GB microSD card. As you can see the chassis is made of plastic plastic, as well as there are physical buttons, the design is simple and impressive.

After turning on the ZTE Open smartphone without installing any application or enter anything in its internal memory, we have a scenario in which everything moves in slow motion. The response time of touchscreen is also not that good sometimes.

And secondly because even when the screen responds well, we find that the lag is constant, menus are slow to unfold, and even a task as simple as opening a folder containing applications can take several seconds.

We wonder in this sense if ZTE and Mozilla could not come to a compromise. If they could have spent on a phone for a few hundred euros then that had provided a little more power to move the operating system.


Firefox OS and HTML 5 apps

Despite the hardware, ZTE Open is very first smartphone to work on Firefox OS. No doubt, Firefox OS is the real star of this terminal. Its main feature is that it is the first operating system developed entirely in HTML 5, embraces open standards and its main challenge is the integration of web apps.
ZTE Open comes with services like Facebook, Twitter, IMDB, RTVE, YouTube or Gmail that run both on the web and native application form for different mobile operating systems will work in Firefox OS without any problems. Instead those applications that are not web version, such as the popular Whatsapp or Instagram, it will shortly appear for your smartphone.


The advantages:

Since we started the ZTE Open smartphone, we have ready to use dozens of applications, which cover many of our needs. In fields such as social networks, information and news, online video, etc, the selection is wide and not going to miss too many services.

Another advantage is that we will be able to have apps that are adapted to our context. Using the search engine that dominates one of their desks, any search you do will result in something. For example, if we want search like “Shakira”, what Firefox OS is going to show, and a wallpaper featuring the popular singer and applications like Youtube that will give us direct access to videos, MTV to inform the latest news or Last FM, if we want to listen to radio. So, indirectly this phone give pretty good searching experience over web.


The development of applications for HTML 5 is in its infancy and far from being a mature environment. Currently few major players are seriously engaging HTML 5, which present state of development which cannot compete with other mobile environments. However, everyone agrees that the future that awaits is bright and there is reason to believe that Mozilla’s bid will be incorporated by other operating systems.


Firefox OS Evolution

Firefox OS reminiscent in this first version of what Android was in its infancy: an operating system in which good ideas are appreciated but where there are many things to improve.

Things we liked

1. A notification area that is very reminiscent of Android. From the notifications tray that unfolds in the same way that Google’s operating system, we can also access quick settings (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc) and system configuration in ZTE Open.
2. It has Nokia maps, which for many, is the best in the mobile landscape.
3. Notifications can also arise in the lock screen of the terminal.
4. Firefox OS works really well.
5. Battery life is of course is higher than most smartphones.

Things that need improvements in ZTE Open FireFox OS Smartphone

1. The organization of the applications.
2. Multitasking management. We like the way it shows opening applications, but moving between them, close them, and not always work well.
3. Firefox OS provides basic functions for sharing items by mail or by Twitter.
4. Integration of Cloud.
5. General navigation of operating system is confusing; it certainly has to improve usability. Certain operations (like stepping back) can become desperate.


ZTE Open with Firefox OS is an interesting proposition for those who want to spend the less for a smartphone. For less than 70 euros we have a very functional smartphone, it can work for users with very basic needs or emerging countries.

Meanwhile Mozilla has demonstrated Firefox OS in the mobile landscape is still much room for innovation. But while it is true that in its first approach to mobile site has many interesting ideas, all shown as an operating system a little green, with lots of land for improvement in future versions.

This was all about the ZTE Open complete review, feel free to share your views, happy toipoing.

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