Xbox One vs PS4: GPU Comparison Review

The next generation of gaming consoles are just around the corner. You already know the specifications and prices so best stop for now is PS4 in the war of Xbox One vs PS4. Here we have brought you a comparison between both of the leading gaming consoles based on their GPU difference.

Xbox One vs PS4


The fact is that in terms of CPU and RAM things between the two are fairly matched. As we know the two systems are based on AMD’s APU personalized Jaguar has 8 GB of RAM. PS4 in case the type of memory is GDDR5 while DDR3 in Xbox One is a disadvantage which is compensated with 32 MB of eDRAM riding Microsoft console.


Where to actually find the greatest difference between Xbox One vs PS4, the two consoles is on the GPU, which is reflected in the second picture accompanying the story.


Xbox One vs PS4

Xbox One GPU is similar to what would be a Radeon HD 7790 for PC and has, consequently, with 768 stream processors or shaders and 16 ROPs, while riding a GPU, PS4 halfway between a Radeon HD 7850 and HD 7870, equipped with 1152 stream processors and 32 ROPs.


We conclude that the PS4 GPU has much more power than the Xbox One at all levels, which is reflected in a higher pixel fill rate and floating point operations (FLOPS). But what that marks a difference in comparison of Xbox One vs PS4? We cannot anticipate, the difference exists and is visible, but as we said depends on the developers.
In comparison, it is difficult to choose between two, but our final decision would be in favour of PS4 between the wars of Xbox One vs PS4, so now you know your best console, Xbox fans, no! of sense please, happy toipoing.

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