White Google Nexus 4 disappeared from sale on Google Play

White Google Nexus 4 is no longer available for purchase through Google Play. Both versions of the smartphone with 8 and 16 GB of memory are completely disappeared and most likely will not be available in the future.

White Google Nexus 4

As the representative of Google, White Nexus 4 has been released as a limited edition and will not plan to produce additional batches of the model. Recall white Google Nexus 4 went on sale at the end of May 2013, that is, all instances of a smartphone sold out in a month. Yes, White Nexus 4 sold like hot cakes, in the images you can how it is looking in white color.

Google haven’t commented on this use yet and future availability of White Nexus 4, so if you are looking to buy White Google Nexus 4 then things will not work for you. For a recap we want to tell you, Google Nexus 4 is one of the best gadgets brought by Google in the market. Now, Google is already preparing for next Nexus 5 smartphone, so we can’t expect previous generation smartphone availability in white, stay tuned for more updates, happy toipoing.

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