WD My Book Live Review, Specs, Features and Best Buy Price

WD My Book Live which is one of the Wi-Fi Storage systems on which more devices can be connected at once and many users, can access the data, of course in this way you save and share your content easily. This product is one of the economic solutions from Western Digital. It is very easy to set up and more than acceptable performance for the home, and below we have discussed the WD My Book Live review that will guide you thought its pros and cons.

WD My Book Live

Technical Specs of WD My Book Live

• Manufacturer: Western Digital
• Model: WD My Book Live
• Ethernet 10/100
• DLNA Support
• WD 2go remote access
• Price: from 129 Euros

WD My Book Live

Far from being a sober hard drive with networking, the WD MyBook Live is committed to simplify the installation process and offers direct compatibility with devices like smartphone, tablets or most recent generation televisions.

Thanks to the built-in wizard, the settings are in a standard scenario with WiFi or Ethernet connectivity is reduced to follow the steps and enter the network password. In just a few minutes, you will have access to the drive from any PC in the house (Windows or Mac) and you just have to install applications in your mobile to enter into WD My Book Live Wi-Fi external hard drive (or use other protocols, such as SMB, FTP, and others).

The WD My Book Live provides options for managing users, something very practical for small businesses or even at home. In addition, the administrator can control the permissions that are offered to other users on shared resources, establish working groups and configure FTP access to a particular address. Again, basic options but enough for the environment to which it is addressed on a clean and intuitive web interface.
It should be noted that, beyond the WD My Book Live specifications, it will be the quality of our network, determining the transfer rate we can achieve. As a reference we can say that with a DSL provided and serial router (not Gigabit Ethernet) reached an average of 18.1 MB / s for reading and 14 MB / s in writing, it is sufficient to work with files and play HD multimedia content without cuts.

The combination of quality, ease of use and excellent connectivity continues in this generation of WD My Book Live. It is an ideal device for users seeking a practical solution.

On the negative side, many users will miss one USB connection to transfer large amounts of datay. On the other hand it has improved considerably over Mionet, the WD 2Go remote access needs improvement. We cannot consider the WD My Book Live as a NAS to use, but it offers more than enough resources for most home users and reduces to a minimum the installation and maintenance tasks.
This was all about the WD My Book Live review, as per review, we can say it is one of the recommended product of WD, happy toipoing.

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