The Reality of Curved Display in the Samsung Galaxy S6

The display plays a big part in any device. The design that goes into the display should be well thought out. Samsung have always been known for the rectangular displays on their Galaxy S smart phones. That is set to change in the Samsung Galaxy S6. The display is said to be curvier. This would mean a whole different level of display. It has not been confirmed yet whether or not the Galaxy series will get curved displays. There is hope though. This comes from the first curved display smart phone which is manufactured by Samsung. The Galaxy Samsung Round is only available in very few places but it is a reality.

Galaxy S6

This is why it also looks possible for the S6 to get a curved display. It would mean better functionality for the user. The flexibility is something that a lot of smart phones could do with. They make it easier and safer to handle the phone. This is an innovation that Samsung has yet to perfect. It is expected though that by the time the Galaxy S6 comes out, it would be possible to incorporate the curved display. A larger frame would also make the device easier to handle. Seeing as there won’t be ports on the sides with wireless charging and the display would get a lager surface.

The screen is also expected to be organic LED. The curved display will also make it possible for someone to perform some functions when the display is off. Some application will also be accessible just by ‘rocking’ the display. This is ease of use taken to a whole new level. A user won’t have to turn on their home screen to see some features. This saves power and is convenient.  The prospect of curved displays is something that people should watch out for. It is set to change the functionality of smart phones. It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S6 will get there faster than the rest. This will be one technology that most manufacturers will be looking to invest in. Having it in the S6 will continue to set apart Samsung in the gadget world.

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