The Intel Haswell-E 14 cores processor: Review, Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

The next Intel Haswell-E processors, intended for more powerful desktop consumer market, come with ‘surprise’ as they would have a whopping 14 physical cores but ‘only’ eight would be available.

Intel Haswell-E Processor i7 Fifth Generation

After the release of the standard Haswell will the enthusiast variant Intel Haswell-E, Intel’s first consumer eight native processing cores (and 6 hidden cores), improved memory in its holder without integrated GPU with 20 MB third level cache, TDP 130/140 watt socket compatible with the current LGA-2011.

Along with Haswell-E, Intel chipset launch Wellsburg support for pboards to triple socket LGA 2011, capable of handling six USB 3.0 ports and ten SATA-III (6 Gbps), and support for quad-channel DDR3 memory 2133 MHz.

Intel Haswell-E surprise would come with 14 physical cores, including six disabled cores. Although only the 8 standard (16 threads) would be available to the user, would be enough to head for the market most powerful desktop.
This new fastest Desktop processor 2013 is intended for large PC gamers, overclocking enthusiasts or for semi-professional that handles music, creative content, audio or video and it would be available in 2014. The price of this processor is not yet revealed but from the level of Intel in is top-end lineup, you can assume the price to be $1000. I am desperately waiting to feel the processor, aren’t you?

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