The Giant Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is on the way to make debut in September this year

Few months have been passed for the release of Galaxy Note 3 and now the rumors about the release dates, price, specifications and other feature of one of the most anticipated Phatblet, Galaxy Note 4 have been surfacing on various websites. Galaxy Note 3 has been very successful in terms of serving customer’s need. The sales figure of this stunning Phablet has been amazing so far but due to the rivals coming up with their flagship smartphones, Samsung is planning to release Galaxy Note 4 as early as possible. The South Korea based techie has another great smartphone to be launched prior to the release of Galaxy Note 4. Yes, you got it right, I am talking about Samsung Galaxy S6!

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy note 4 release date rumors

One would get a fair idea of when the release date of the new product, such as Galaxy Note 4 would be, if they look back into the history of Samsung and their product release dates. The trends point at one particular month where all releases had happened, which is September in each of the years from 2011. Therefore, considering the trends of the last 3 years, it is most logical to extrapolate that should Samsung have plans to release Galaxy Note 4 this year, then it would conveniently happen in the month of September.

Possible specs and features:

There are speculations that the new Note is going to have fully metallic body giving it the necessary sturdiness, while the Iris Scanner and 5 megapixel front-facing camera add to the repertoire of the instrument. The screen would be about 5.75 inch QHD one and fingerprint scanner at the bottom would also be included. The best part is that the Note will be very spontaneous and quick aptly backed up with the 4GB RAM, so that the other features of the software responses would be as instant as possible enriching user experience.

Apart from these features, the smartphone may come up with lots of great apps pre-installed like WhatsApp 4.0.0, ChatOn etc. The hardware system of Galaxy Note 4 is going to very fast so that, heavy games like Temple Run, Subway surfer, Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga etc. could be played without any problem. These are the apps, which people enjoy a lot. Although we can get Farm Heroes Saga for PC and other apps too, but it is a fun playing on the smartphone.

Pricing model:

Experts are also analyzing on the aspect of the pricing of the new products. Since Galaxy Note 3 is hovering around $730 and the next model would be much more effective and efficient with the novel features included in it, as well as considering the rates that would keep dropping in the electronic industry, Galaxy Note 4 would not be priced above $750.

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