Terra A4000i Electric Scooter with iPhone Dock: Review, Features, Price and Release Date

The company Terra Motors, specializing in electric scooters, announced a model Terra A4000i Electric Scooter which can connect to the iPhone to display information about the vehicle, as well as for navigation.

Terra A4000i

Terra A4000i is the first electric scooters with the possibility of such close interaction with the smartphone. Connected iPhone can display the battery level of scooter, the number of surmounted kilometers per trip, average speed, etc. Applications for Terra A4000i Electric Scooter will be distributed free of charge and will complement the capabilities of the transport device search and navigation facilities.

On a single charge Terra A4000i Electric Scooter can overcome 65 kilometers, and to charge an empty lithium-ion battery, will need to spend about 4.5 hours. The battery life is 50 thousand km, and then it can be replaced, as it is removable.

Terra A4000i

Mass production of Terra A4000i Electric Scooter is scheduled for December scooters, sales should start in the same month. By the end of 2015 Terra Motors plans to sell 100 thousand scooters at an estimated cost of $ 4.5 thousand per piece. It is also planned to release the regular version A4000i, without symbiosis with the iPhone, but its price and release date is not yet announced, stay tuned with us, for complete information of this Terra A4000i Electric Scooter, soon we will update more, happy toipoing.

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