Sony XTRUD smartphone with upgradeable hardware: Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

The Japanese company has shown an interesting smartphone by the name of Sony XTRUD. This terminal, which is currently created on the paper only and presented as a distinctive feature compared to other smartphones as we are allowed to the update the internal hardware. Imagine, if you want to have 4GB of RAM in your phone, just take out 2GB of RAM.



As we can see in the second image component update would be as simple as removing the old part and fit the new, something that could perform virtually by any user. There is no doubt that the approach of Sony XTRUD is a clear nod to the PC.


Another innovative idea of this design is the volume control by rotary perched right on the headphone jack input, as shown in the third image.


It is undisputed that the idea is totally innovative and quite good for the consumers, since precisely components like battery, camera, SoC and is not at all expensive in many cases. Thus, thanks to this, it would be possible to have a terminal always last for very little money, but we are left wondering if this really matters to the major manufacturers. The Sony XTRUD price would be $ 199.

Sony XTRUD could be the future setter in the industry of Smartphone, what’s your view? Stay tuned for more updates, happy toipoing.

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