Sony PlayStation TV 2013: Features and Release Date

Two weeks ago, Sony has made an application for registration of the trademark PlayStation TV in the office of patents and trademarks United States. A little later, the application was granted. For the first time this trademark was registered in September 2006 and in September 2012, the period of its validity is over. Both contain the same application, rather conventional, logo.

Sony PlayStation TV 2013

In 2011, Sony released a 24-inch 3D-TV PlayStation 3D Display, designed to showcase the 3D-capabilities to play on PlayStation 3. Especially popular among the gamers did not use the device.

Probably, Sony just in case booking its phrase, but it is possible that under such name Sony may launch PlayStation 4 TV or PlayStation TV 4 device or something. Moreover, Sony wants to add something bigger for competing with Apple TV. According to rumors Apple is planning to extend the functionality Apple TC iOS-Gaming in the end of the year, so Sony is again here to do something similar or different with Sony PlayStation TV.

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