SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSD card: Review, Specs, Features and Best Price

SanDisk Corporation has announced launch of new range of cards microSDXC / microSDHC SanDisk Extreme, advertised as the fastest on the market. Yes we are talking about SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSD card.

SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSD

The capacity and performance requirements of memory cards are increasing, to the powerful cameras or the latest smartphones that need a minimum speed for functions like Full HD recording. So, here is SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSD card to complete the need.
For them will be ideal this new memory cards certified as SanDisk Extreme UHS Speed Class 1 and offer data transfer speeds of up to 80/50 Mbytes per second mode read / write as well as being waterproof, Xray, shock or extreme temperatures, this card is one of the most recommended products.

SanDisk offer this Extreme microSD cards with storage capacities of 16, 32 and up to 64 Gbytes and as you can propose they are not cheap. Yes, $59 for the cheapest and $199 for the 64GB. In return you get the fastest microSD card of the market, stay tuned for the complete review of SanDisk Extreme microSD card series, happy toipoing.

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