Samsung GEAR the SmartWatch: Preview, Specs, Features and Release Date

It was in May 2013 when the Korean company, through its executive vice president Lee Young Hee, confirmed that the company is working on its own smart watch. Today, Samsung has a name for this new device, Samsung GEAR. We came to know this because, just today only Samsung has registered trademark with name GEAR and internal news suggested us that its new lineup of Samsung SmartWatch that we would be seeing after few months.

Samsung GEAR

The reasons that lead us to think that GEAR belongs to SmartWatch are, on the one hand we cannot link the term GEAR to anything in the Samsung present Catalogue, and on the other hand, we have the approach of registration by Apple brand iWatch, its biggest rival in the sector. Yet the third reason have the most weight, is that in the log descriptive text used terms like bracelet and wristwatch, a declaration of intent in the registration data.
Currently we do not have many details but Samsung flexible OLED screen can be used in Samsung GEAR and this gadget will be powered with the Android operating system.

As per all the rumors, we have heard Intel is also working on similar project and testing the new Atom series processor belongs to Intel Trol Trail processor, which could be the reason of revolution in the SmartWatch. So, Samsung may pick Intel Trol Trail processor, but who knows if Samsung is preparing on SoC under Exynos for Samsung Gear.

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