Samsung Galaxy S5 with 3GHz 16-Core 20nm ARM Processor: Specs, Features, Release and Rumors

Today the ARM processor are limited to frequencies of 2.3 GHz under the 28nm manufacturing process, a fact that will change with TSMC as important step in the manufacturing process of 20nm. Yes, 3GHz ARM processor is born. And we will see this processor chip in our Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Galaxy S5
If we talking about manufacturing processor of processor, as we reduced manufacturing process usually allows less power consumption, resulting in less heat while maintaining or even improving the performance of the chip. These are the lots of advantages of 20nm ARM processor that it will be seen at 3 GHz, since according to TSMC generation gap open doors to “a 30% increase in operating frequency with 25 % less consumption.”

Galaxy S5

But when ARM is releasing this latest 3GHz ARM processor? Well, this is scheduled for the first quarter of 2014 and our Galaxy S5 will be born in the same months. ARM moves on with important advances and making distances, while Intel continues to improve in its Atom architecture for face to face fight with the British firm. Will the chip giant ARM overcome with the jump to 14nm late 2014? We’ll see. But the good news is our Galaxy S5 would be powered with 20nm ARM processor clocked at 3GHz.

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