Samsung Galaxy S5 flexible display leaked: Specs & Features

The flood of Galaxy S5 rumors has started and every week something new is being revealed and today we are here to publish one of the Samsung flexible display smartphone image but we are not confirmed yet, if this phone is Galaxy S5 or some other smartphone of Samsung. According to original story published on this would be very first Samsung flexible display smartphone.

Galaxy S5

You can easily see in the image, the phone is based on flexible display of next generation smartphone and if this would be Galaxy S5 then everyone would be amazed on its flexible display smartphone. According to the source, Galaxy S5 would be released in Feb 2014 and the smartphone displaying in the image got a code name “Galaxy Ana i9526”. If we notice the i95XX series then it belongs to Galaxy S4 model number but who knows what Samsung has planned and this phone would be revealed on Mobile World Congress 2014.

I am personally amazed after seeing the image that how we will use this phone and what change it will bring to the market. As per the report, Galaxy S5 would feature next generation Exynos 16-core 8000 series chipset and along with that 4GB of RAM would be boasting its performance. Let’s see how it will go and it will perform but now we know, Samsung has something special for the Feb 2014 specifically.

This was all about the most recent story of Galaxy S5 flexible display smartphone and soon our flagship might get a new shape who knows, if we will get another image.

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  1. sandi

    May 10, 2014 at 5:50 pm

    i have a galaxy s5 and it’s awesome..

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