Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom EOS Camera Smartphone: Review, Specs, Features and Best Price

Samsung Galaxy S4 has defined the new success of Samsung and on other hand; Samsung has launched two other variants of the same phone. One is waterproof and other is connected camera called Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Galaxy S4 Zoom
By the way, why the camera is connected to a smartphone? The fact is that the smartphone has learned to replace many devices. A smartphone is ready to light your way in the dark entrance (flashlight), show how to get from point A to point B (navigator and map), suddenly to write a clever idea (recorder), calculate dividends from its implementation (calculator). This is a notepad for handwritten and typed notes, book, TV and radio, game console, and file storage. The list goes on, more importantly, that the “physical” flashlights and stick gradually disappear from our daily lives, becoming an ode to the many features of a smartphone. PV modules in smartphones were presented from before, but the camera, perhaps, appeared for the first time. Here we are talking about connected camera smartphone i.e. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.
If we talk about the design of this all new Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, we will see on the front face of the body is the lens, in the stowed position, the front lens closed by metal shutters. Around the lens – the control ring. It is electrified and provides an opportunity, not only to change the focal length, but also include smartphone operating modes (except locked), and you can zoom the view to see.


Galaxy S4 Zoom


Next to the lens, the AF assist lamp. Closer to the influx, which allows comfortable enough to hold the device with one hand, there is a real (in the sense – not LED) flash. Undoubtedly, its power is less than professional on-camera blitz, but enough to make a great portrait on the background lights of the city at night. So, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom could be your smart mate.


The top of the design of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, there is a real (in the sense of – Half-supporting AF) button. And at the bottom is present (in the sense of – metal, quarter-compatible with camera equipment) tripod socket.

Galaxy S4 Zoom

From the side of the screen Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom looks like original Galaxy S4 – similar shape, chrome frame. And on the side of the lens is a typical compact camera.

According to the classification of manufacturer Galaxy S4 Zoom belongs to a class of smartphones and the integration of camera. The results are impressive. In Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, if you rotate the ring, you can immediately select the desired mode of operation.


In Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom features 1 / ⅔-inch 16 megapixel sensor and a 10x zoom lens with optical stabilization. At wide-angle, focal length is 24 mm, while the majority of smartphones module with a fixed focal length of 30-35 mm.
And this is perhaps the main advantage of Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom. Optical zoom allows you to take pictures that cannot be repeated on a regular smartphone. For example, some objects cannot be zoomed in to fill a desired area of the frame.

Galaxy S4 Zoom
Galaxy S4 Zoom is powered by Android 4.2 as original Samsung S4 smartphone; turn on the camera will launch corporate applications. First there was a similar program in the Samsung Galaxy Camera, but the version for S4 Zoom has undergone a number of useful changes.

First, he interface parameters became smaller, although it is still based on a visual simulation of lenses with a button iFunction. Secondly, the number of Smart-grown programs, add interesting Animated photo Eraser, Dual camera.

Third, the opportunity to bring together the most frequently used modes in a separate menu for quick selection. As already mentioned, this menu is invoked either directly from Camera, or turning the control ring of the lens of any active mode smartphone.

The lack of priority modes have partly compensated by several Smart programs. You can freeze the motion by Action freeze, and get a different degree of blur – Waterfall, Light trace, Fireworks.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is based on a dual-core processor running at a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz and has 1.5 GB of RAM. The internal memory of 8GB out of which, 5GB is available to user. Also, available to user a MicroSD card slot for storage. Screen Size of Galaxy S4 Zoom is 4.3-inch, have 960 x 540 pixels resolution. Moreover, it carries a Battery with capacity – 2330 mAh.

You should not jump to conclusions. Yes, the numbers are not as impressive as, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S4. Yes, Galaxy S4 Zoom – is primarily for taking pictures and on other hand S4 – flagship smartphone, among other things, also allows you to receive images from a built-in photo module.


If we compare Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and Samsung Galaxy Camera, that also does not make sense: the smart phone and the camera with the operating system (and advanced communication capabilities) – quite different devices.
The device turned out, of course, fun. It fully replaces the cheap compact camera, and it works like a smartphone. PhotoChances and SMART-work programs are pretty nice in this smartphone. Soon, we will bring the complete review of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, so that we could reach to a conclusion, stay tuned, happy toipoing.

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