Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to be an amazing Smartphone

It’s been few months to the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and rumors about the next Note series smartphone has started rising. Concept image of Note 4 have started rising and expected specification of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is being defined.

Galaxy Note 5

As per rumors Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is expected to have a 6-inch screen with 4K UHD display. Well we all know how costly 4K display TV’s are these day, with 4K display resolution in Note 5, I guess the price will shoot up like anything. Along with 4K resolutions it is also expected to have a metallic body. According to sources, Project Zero which is a code name for Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be built from scratch, so the same is expected from Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

We expect that the design of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will a a bit different from the previous Note series version.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 did not perform as was expected from it. As of now Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the only one in the note series to reach a new height in the market. Since Note 4 was recently launched nothing much can be said about it, but till now the market performance has been satisfying.

With Note 5 , Samsung would plan to bring the table upside down . The Note 5 might turn out to be one of the best Samsung Note Phablet ever. Few expected note 5 features are as follows:

  1. Metallic frame, Metallic body
  2. Better design
  3. Amazingly fast connectivity
  4. More consumer friendly
  5. High c
  6. Finger Print scanner
  7. Latest android version
  8. Expected to have eye scanner for better security

Well as of now there is no confirmed news, and everything is based on rumors. We just hope Samsung Galaxy Note 5 turns out to be the best.

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