Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | The Emerging Star Of 2014

The Korean giant Samsung is all ready to release announce the next big thing after successful launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress all over the world. The Galaxy S5 devices are selling in the market like hot-cakes. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have an astonishing features, but with the kind of fantastic specs it will have, the price tag will be much higher. Galaxy Note 4 is most likely to be launched in October 2014 & less likely to be announce in November 2014, taking into account that Samsung Galaxy S5 has just release in the market all over the world.

Galaxy Note 4

Some of the advanced features & specs that upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is likely to have are –

  • Display – A 6 inches screen display with Gorilla Glass 3 is expected for Galaxy Note 4 phablet. It is also expected that it will have a super AMOLED screen with High definition screen display, making it an excellent phablet to look.
  • Camera – Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have a 18 MP primary camera & 6 MP secondary camera along with an auto-focus specs.
  • Memory Storage – It would have a 3GB RAM similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that is already having a 3GB RAM.
  • New Sensors – Galaxy Note 4 is likely to have both retina-scanning sensor & finger-print scanning sensors.
  • Waterproof – Samsung Note 4 will be waterproof, dust-proof & have a scratch- resistant body.
  • New Operating System – Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be incorporated with new Android OS version , the most speculated is 5.0 version Android Lollypop.
  • Processor – Exynos Snapdragon 805 chipset is expected for Galaxy Note 4.
  • Launch Date – It is expected to be announce on October or November 2014.

It seems like Samsung has very big plans for Galaxy S series, S6 is about to launch and Galaxy S7 is in rumours and it is just 2014.

The Price tag of upcoming Galaxy Note 4 is likely to be around 960 USD. Do not forget to share this post on social platforms and if you have queries, you can comment below. Cheers … !

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