Samsung Galaxy Note 4 benchmarks

Samsung smartphones are the most preferred smartphones in today’s world. The main reason why most of the buyers prefer Samsung smartphone, this is due to the reason that Samsung smartphone are little bit cheaper than the Apple smartphones. Apart from this the customer support of Samsung is awesome as compared to other smartphone brands.

Galaxy Note 4


This year in August or September, it is expected that Samsung will launch its Note series next smartphone that is Galaxy Note 4. So here we have brought the bench marks of the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone.


Some of the benchmarks of Galaxy Note 4 are:

Samsung galaxy Note 4 will have a screen size of 6.0 inches, it has been rumored that screen size greater than 6 inches is less preferred by the buyers as it becomes difficult to carry in pockets as a result of which it is rumored that Samsung will keep the screen size as 6.0 inches in the smartphones which are to be launched after galaxy Note 4.


Samsung will place an octa core processor in the upcoming Galaxy note 4, this processor will be more multitasking then the quad core processor. Apart from this, an Octa core processor will work more smoothly on heavy usage in comparison to a quadcore processor. So it is expected that Samsung will place an octa core processor in the Samsung upcoming smartphones like- Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5.


Battery has always remained a problem of great concern in the Android smartphones, as a result of which in order to provide maximum backup all mobile maker are placing a powerful battery in their next smartphones. According to the latest rumours, Samsung will place a battery of 3500-3800 mAh in the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. This battery will also be used or placed in the upcoming galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6.

Samsung galaxy note 4 will be lunched with Android 5.0 OS that is Android milkshake. So it is rumoured that Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 will also be launched with Android 5.0 Milkshake OS.

Apart from all these Samsung Galaxy will have following features which will be followed by its successors:

  • Water resistant smartphone- This will help the smartphone to works perfectly fine when ever some water accidentally falls on it.
  • Dust-proof smartphone feature- This will help the smartphone to remain protected from dust.
  •  Scratch resistant smartphone feature- This will protect the smartphone to remain free from scratches.
  • Slimmest of its kind- It is also rumoured that Galaxy Note 4 will be the slimmest among all the note series smartphones.
  • Metal body- There has been lots of rumours that Samsung will soon launch its smartphone with metal body. But till date there no Samsung smartphone with metal body concept. So this time it is expected that Samsung will introduce metal body concept in the upcoming note 4. Though metal body concept will increase manufacturing cost of the note 4, but it will also provide safety to the Galaxy Note 4.
  • Sensors: Samsung galaxy Note 4 will be loaded with following sensors like- barometer sensors, infrared sensors, gesture sensors, Gyro sensors, accelerometer sensors, proximity sensors.

Samsung has revealed the Galaxy Note 4 in 2014 and now Galaxy Note 5 rising up.

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