Samsung F9000 4K TV Review, Specs, Features and Price: Buy Now

The South Korean giant dazzled with the first models of televisions “ultra high definition” (UHD), popularly known as 4K resolution TV. Its greatest exponent, the Samsung S9 UHD is a beast of 85 inches at a price suitable only for very rich pockets: $ 40,000. But now things will change with recent revealed Samsung F9000 4K TV Series.

Samsung F9000 4K TV

Different brands offer more demure for the consumer market including Sony, and Samsung is not going to be less. The Samsung F9000 series includes 55 and 65 inches, will be selling in the U.S. for late summer at prices “affordable” for $ 5,500 and $ 7,500 respectively.

These monsters room will use a technology called Quadmatic Picture Engine, which apply “high quality upscaling” from lower resolutions in order to fill in the best way possible 3,840 × 2,160 pixels occupying this dream screens that as earmuffs, have two side speakers up to 70 watts of power. In your home, Samsung F9000 4K TV is ready to roar.

Without going any further, the new generation of consoles will not support that resolution there is time for getting ready 4K content. Yes, we have to wait for it. But these TVs are future of our home. We could see better in future and for cheaper. So, far Samsung F9000 4K TV series is best for consumer market, if you are tech geek, this TV is for you to experience something better at affordable prices, stay tuned for the reviews of these cool devices, happy toipoing.

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