Rumors of upcoming smartphones: HTC M9, Nexus 6, Note 4 and LG G3

In Smartphone market as competition is growing over its domination, demands of consumer is changing rapidly because whenever a product is released it comes with something new and advanced, So expectation of users are always high especially from top most dominators of Smartphone market like Samsung, Apple, Sony, HTC and others. In future we can see something more extraordinary than available product especially in coming 2 years as smart phones such as Galaxy S6, Nexus 6, I phone 6 are already in discussion among tech-geeks.


I have no doubt about that Samsung dominates android Smartphone market under the banner of two most successful series dubbed as “Samsung Galaxy S” and “Samsung Galaxy Note”. This year released Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been received positively and appreciated for its advanced features and design by its users. To sustain its reputation and position, rumors are flying that Samsung has started its work on new android flagship device dubbed as “Samsung Galaxy Note 4”.Here in this article we are going to compare Note 4 with another upcoming Smartphone under G series from LG may dubbed as “LG G4” .Although release of G4 seems too far away from now, before G4, LG will release its next in line LG G3. Both Galaxy Note 4 and LG G4  will face stiff competition from HTC M9 and Google Nexus 6.

Screen: It is less likely that Samsung will increase size of screen in Note 4 in comparison with screen size of Note 3.When Note 3 was released it featured 5.7 inch display, rumors suggest that Note 4 may keep same size as its predecessor if it changes then margin will not be too large same as it happened in case of S5 and S4 with screen size increased by a margin of 0.1.As it has been reported LG G4 will have screen size of 5.7 inch. We will see less difference in Screen size of both smart phones.

Display: Most smart phones from Samsung feature Super AMOLED display, so it is most likely that new Samsung Note 4 will come with same technology. But some reports suggest that it will feature 4K resolution instead of 2k as it happened in previous smart phones. While LG G4 will use UHD technology with IPS panel allowing 170 degree of viewing.

Camera: It has been reported that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature 20.7 MP camera capable of recording 4K content, performing better in low light while LG G4 will have 21 MP camera capable of recording 4K video at 60 fps.

Processor: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be powered by quad core Snapdragon 805 unit but there is still a over whether it will be feature 64 bit processor. While LG G4 will be powered by 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon chip 808.

RAM: It has been reported that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have 4GB RAM, and LG G4 will feature same size of RAM.

Battery Backup: Both android smart phones will have very advanced features and apps, so in order to run these android flagship devices a strong battery backup is require. It has been reported that Note 4 will have battery backup of 3,600 mAh while LG G4 will have battery backup of 4,600 mAh.

Source – Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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