Researchers have created a virtually perpetual 360-terabyte disk of quartz

There are lots of various projects for long-term storage of information, including options with holography and Ultra-optical disks. But researchers from the University of Southampton and the Technical University of Eindhoven achieved the most impressive results.

quartz disk

In particular, they have developed a technology that allows you to create a disk capacity of 360 TB. Moreover, the first tests were successful, although it was written and read by only 300 KB of data. However, this is a great achievement.

Technology is based on nano-structured glass-like material created from fused silica. Information is recorded and read by using a femtosecond laser, and the disk consists of several layers spaced five microns apart. When saving the image, the laser operates in five “dimensions” that allows you to store much more data per unit of volume and is achievable through the use of nanostructures.

In addition to the huge capacity, quartz disk has more and unprecedented durability. Potentially, it can store information more than a million years. Furthermore, this solution is not resistant against high temperatures and remains functional on heating to 1000 ° C. That quartz disk can easily survive in the fire.

Professor Peter Kazansky from the University of Southampton commented on interesting invention:

It’s unbelievable – we have created the first document that can survive in the human race. This technology will keep evidence of the existence of civilization, what we have learned will not be forgotten.

The next step – the commercialization of this technologies over which experts are working now, we can’t say, if we will able to see quartz disk in upcoming 10 years, but if they will arrive, there would be a revolution in terms of storage.

This was all about the research regarding quartz disk, stay tuned for more information, happy toipoing.

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