The PS4 CPU Clocked at 2.75 GHz Revealed: Specs, Features and Processor

One of the great unknown processor is presents in PS4 but Sony did not reveal at the moment. It is said that the final frequency is between 1.6 GHz and 2 GHz, but the recent passage of a development kit of PS4 by the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission of the United States, has set off alarms.

This kit is the one you see in the picture that heads the news, on which the FCC said, after thoroughly reviewing its components, which integrates a CPU capable of working “at a frequency of up to 2.75 PS4GHz” , and its optimum operating temperature of between 5 ° and 35 °. The PS4 kit has the 8 GB of GDDR5.


The truth is that it is quite complicated, as there are several possibilities but none of them is confirmed. You might try a simple “turbo mode” to perform an increased frequency, or maybe the kit allows manual frequency settings. There is also the possibility that we are dealing with a function to increase the frequency of some cores in task scoring less advantage of multithreaded architectures.

PS4 Specifications


We cannot guarantee anything, but the PS4 kit is real. We’ll have to wait and see what future leaks tell us.
Stay tuned for more, to know about the secrets of PS4 and its processor, happy toipoing.

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