Priyanka Virus on WhatsApp | How to Remove it

A malicious development called Priyanka virus on WhatsApp is spreading in the Android version. Although it behaves as such, is not a virus to use, and prevention or elimination is easy.

Priyanka virus on WhatsApp

Priyanka virus arrives at our terminals as a business card so you need the active cooperation of the user, which seems to be getting despite warnings and common sense indicates that we should not add anyone unknown, even though it comes as the case of a ‘friend’ or contact.
Priyanka virus is an exploit that takes advantage of vulnerability in the contact system WhatsApp for Android, to be included as such and modify the list of our contacts by name.

Not known to have more functions of Priyanka (malicious) as described but in any case we should close the door.

If we have included it, then don’t worry its removal is simple. Here we are telling you how to remove Priyanka virus on WhatsApp. Go through restart the messaging application WhatsApp using the following steps:
• Select the contact Priyanka and delete the contacts.
• Go to phone settings.
• Select the menu ‘Applications’ and within the same select WhatsApp.
• Choose Force close and clear.
• WhatsApp starts again and restore your contacts and conversations from the automatic reset.

In this easy way, you can recover from it. Stay tuned for more information and malicious function of Priyanka virus on WhatsApp.

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