NVIDIA GTX 760 Ti Graphics Card: Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

After the arrival of the GTX 760 graphics card, NVIDIA has not released any product in the series of NVIDIA GTX 700 but soon, we will see a new upgraded and new member the all new NVIDIA GTX 760 Ti.

GTX 760 Ti

If we talk about the present high end solutions, NVIDIA keeps an ace that would be intended to cover the gap between the GTX 770 and GTX 760. Do not misunderstand the latter, the GTX 760 is a very capable card, but the fact is that the difference in price and its performance against the GTX 770 is quite impressive. And now NVIDIA GTX 760 Ti will join the line up.

As we have said, there are enough gaps between GTX 760 and 770 and this gap is going to be filled by NVIDIA GTX 760 Ti new product. Well, this product would be the GTX 760 Ti, based on the GK104.

About the specifications we have no details for now, but everything seems to point to mount 1,344 shaders, 256-bit bus, 112 TMUs (texturing units) and 32 ROPs. Yes, as we see the same as in GTX 670, but to a revised version of GK104 is expected to come as standard with higher operating frequencies.
This was all regarding the upcoming NVIDIA GTX 760 Ti; stay tuned for more updates like its release date and complete specifications sheet, happy toipoing.

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