New iPhone 5S with new start button: Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

A fairly reliable source for Apple-related leaks has indicated that the iPhone 5S will have a new start button. Such a button would be a really significant change, not just visually. All the past iPhone from Apple has logo signature at the back but the new start button in iPhone 5S will change the tradition as the home button carries Apple logo in itself.

iPhone 5S

Yes, iPhone 5S start button has Apple logo, but does it make sense? The truth is that we can relate to the use of a fingerprint reader, that is, it is possible that the inclusion of the reader on the iPhone is carried out on the start button and it is necessary, therefore, that button offers more space for it to function properly.

iPhone 5S start button
However, despite the above, on a personal level I don’t think so; Apple will ever do this with the start button of iPhone. So, I remain quite skeptic to this rumor. And you, what do you think about this new iPhone 5S start button?

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