New and Upgraded Features in Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Just as it is the trend, Samsung will be releasing a new galaxy note in the year 2014. Normally, the release date is confirmed a few weeks or days before the actual date. However, going by the past trend, Galaxy note 4 will be released in September or latest October 2014, just like it was the case of note 3 and 2.

Galaxy Note 4

It is not surprising for people to speculate about this device even before the actual release date. Such devices are usually highly ranked, and the futuristic minds would rather be thinking of the upcoming features rather than just wait for the device to arrive in the market. Still, some people have a way of digging information from the right sources and making it available to the public. Some of the news about galaxy note 4 is as follows:

The Device Will Be an Upgraded Version of Note 3

Samsung will be bringing into the market a better device than note 3, with features such as:

  • 4GB RAM. Samsung galaxy note 3 had a 3GB RAM, and it is only logical that the manufacturers would want to do an upgrade.
  • 20 mp camera. Note 3 features a 13 mp camera, which will be upgraded to 20 MP capacity with super sensors and error fixing capacities
  • 5.9 AMOLED display. Note 3 had  5.7 inch screen sized display

There Will Be New Features in Galaxy Note 4

Due to competition pressures, it is possible for the manufacturers to want to add new features. Some of the expected new features include:

  • Wireless charging

This feature has long been awaited by the consumers, and Samsung may be meeting this demand by featuring a magnetic resonance feature in their note 4. With such an upgrade, you do not have to carry your charger around. This feature will also be used in many other Samsung devices such as the electrical and kitchen appliances.

  • Curved design

To spice up the upcoming galaxy note 4, Samsung will be featuring a curved design. Rumor has it that most of the phone design will be flat, and that only the edges will be curved. Some of the sneaked in photos of the device indicate a phone with a multi-sided screen where some applications will be lined on the sides for easier accessibility by the users. This means that you do not have to use the front side of the phone to access everything as it is the case in many devices in the market.

  • Metallic body

Many people think that the plastic body in many of the Samsung’s devices is cheap. For such reasons, Samsung many featuring an aluminum body in note 4, which makes it more attractive and classy.

So, Galaxy Note 4 is in the market. And now next generation Samsung Galaxy Note 6 information is going viral.

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