Motorola Moto X Smartphone ready on the way: Images, Specs, Features and Release Date

It is expected that in October, Motorola will introduced its first smartphone, created in conjunction with Google. The device is known by the code name Moto X. It is not yet confirmed, if Motorola Moto X would be the final name for the device. Earlier there were rumours that this device would be announced on 4th of July but nothing has happened.

Moto X

The spy shots of the Motorola Moto X device has not leaked yet on the network but still different components images have been revealed. Here we have one of the similar images which shows the design of Motorola Moto X.

Moto X

If we look on the technical characteristics of Motorola Moto X smartphone, we will find the new smartphone powered with full HD display, quad-core 2.3GHz Snapdragon Qualcomm 800 chipset; 3GB RAM and all new set of sensors. Built-in sensors in Moto X smartphone allow the smartphone to automatically switch modes and activate certain functions. For example, in the car will turn on speakerphone mode. In addition, customers ordering the device via the Internet will be able to choose the color of the back panel, engraving and standard wallpaper. This all would be new, let’s wait and watch Motorola Moto X smartphone, stay tuned, happy toipoing.

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