Meizu MX3 Surpasses Galaxy S4: Review, Specs, Features, Release Date and Price

Meizu is on the fire to release the best smartphones of the market and soon its upcoming smartphone will become one of the biggest releases in China within the smartphone market this year. No doubt, all of the Meizu smartphones are elegant in design, and here we are specifically talking about Meizu MX3.

Meizu MX3

If we talk about the Meizu MX3 smartphone, indeed its design is the first strong point. It is a terminal which is pleasant to eyes and gives somewhere similar looks as of Apple. After this initial look at their lines and finishes we came across a display of no less than 5.1 inch full HD resolution, i.e. 1920 x 1080 pixels. The device measures around 139.9 x 70.9 x 8 mm and these dimensions are very similar to Galaxy S4.

Moreover, Meizu MX5 carries secret hardware that surpasses the Exynos big.LITTLE four cores Cortex-A15 high performance. Also, the 2GB RAM is icing for this phone, so what we have a pretty good high end smartphone on affordable prices.

Also, this phone holds pretty good battery rated at 2650 mAh. This device is also powered with the latest Android OS, 4.2.2. Soon, we will hear something from Meizu officially, so stay tuned with us, happy toipoing.

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