Logitech Z600 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers: Review, Specs, Features and Price

Logitech has announced the availability Ukraine wireless Bluetooth stereo speakers Logitech Z600, designed for use with laptops.

Logitech Z600

As the name implies, the speakers are connected to laptops made using the wireless interface Bluetooth, the delivery includes a USB-Bluetooth transmitter. Also available there is a 3.5mm audio jack on the rear of the unit. There are power button that can activate the wireless connection. New product allows you to connect up to three audio sources at the same time, while switching from one audio source to another by simply touching the Pause and Play. Design feature of the new items is a control system. The entire top panel on the right-hand column is a sleek touch control dial. If you want to change the volume, then just enough hold your finger on it.

Logitech Z600
Stereo speakers Logitech Z600 will be available in the August 2013 world-wide at the suggested retail price of $150. Soon, we will receive this product at our office, we will review it and will back to you, happy toipoing.

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