LG Optimus G2 with world’s thinnest full HD display

LG Optimus G2 is one of the most famous smartphone these days because it seems like everything inside it is special. And here comes the leak of World’s thinnest full HD display in G2.

Optimus G2

The race for the slimmest smartphone does not stop even for a second; so many companies are trying to reduce the thickness of their products in all possible ways. So, LG Display showed a new “smartphone” FullHD-screen thickness of only 2.2 mm. Brief specifications display are: diagonal 5.2″, maximum brightness 535 nits, and the border around the screen gives 2.3 mm thickness, as already mentioned above – 2.2 mm.
Yes, LG has achieved such impressive results, it was possible through the use of new technology Advanced One-Glass-Solution, which, moreover, may also improve responsiveness of touch. Apparently, it replaces the previous technology LG Display – Zerogap Touch, presented in the LG Optimus G. By the way, given the characteristics of the display is integrated into LG Optimus G2 will be announced in upcoming days, stay tuned for more updates regarding Optimus G2 smartphone.

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