LG LA9700 4K TV Now Affordable: Review, Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

4K was a fashionable trend in many shows this year, and now it’s time to gradually come to the exhibition and copies of fashion models with large diagonals at exorbitant prices to move to a more approximate to the ordinary buyer of commercial samples. For example, LG has announced the launch of sales of relatively low-cost models 4K-TV. Model LG LA9700 is available in two versions, with a diagonal 55″and 65″, priced at $ 5,999.99 and $ 7,999.99, respectively (the price is certainly high, but it is more acceptable for a wealthy buyer than the previous model UHD-TV from LG – 84″ for $ 19,999).

LG LA9700 4K TV

Sales of LG LA9700 4K TV will begin from July 11, yet they can be purchased at only one chain of stores – Video & Audio Center in Santa Monica, California, in US. Of course, then they will be available throughout the United States, and then – and in other countries (as long as we are talking about the UK and Australia, but the exact timing is not yet officially announced).
These LG LA9700 4K TVs boast built-in 4.1 speaker system 50W – it is composed of a proprietary sound bar that can appear and hide back in the bottom of the screen. This model is equipped with a full backlight, which used proprietary NANO technology, which allows much more control local dimming and achieve a deeper black. Until 4K-content will be available, these giant LG 4K Ultra HDTV has a mechanism Tru-Ultra HD upscaling for “ordinary” FullHD would be quite superfluous. The manufacturer also says that these TVs are the first models that support video decoding in standard H.265.

This was all about, LG LA9700 4K Ultra HDTV, stay tuned for the complete review of these gadgets, happy toipoing.

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