Jacket MK3 First Commercial Exoskeleton: Price and Features

While NASA is trying to create an exoskeleton for use in space, and the Tokyo students demonstrate a prototype, the company Sagawa Electronics introduced a commercial model for this kind of device, calling it Jacket MK3 (probably MK1 and MK2 models and have remained prototypes).

Jacket MK3 First Commercial Exoskeleton

By the way, the birthplace of the product is also Japan. Jacket MK3 exoskeleton height is 2.25 m and its weight – only 25 lbs. The device is constructed with the use of light alloys and high carbon fiber. Control of the suit is based on a “master-slave”. Actually Jacket MK3 is a robot, completely copies the movement inside the person.
At first glance, the presentation of a scarred and grim type of Japanese schoolgirl in the title role looks like a joke, but a demonstration of the device in the real world dispels all doubts. The product does exist and it works. Theoretically, it can increase the chances of a person, increasing its movement speed and overall strength, but the manufacturer on this attention is not focused and in the presentation nothing has been showed like “you will be able to run around like a ninja” With Jacket MK3 exoskeleton even possible to carry out a very delicate operations, such as in the kitchen – split and fry an egg or clean a fish.

Although the presentation became rather humorous, but the product is worth the money hardball – $ 123 thousand and it invested a lot of intellectual resources and technical achievements in the fields of microelectronics, robotics and others. Sagawa Electronics plans to release a limited number of suits. Hope I could buy this and roam around in my college, lol, just kidding. But it’s a cool suit; I would like to play with it, what about you, happy toipoing!

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