iRU 130 Nettop Mini Desktop with DVD-RW drive for home and office: Review, Specs, Features and Price

Company iRU introduced low-cost and compact desktop iRU 130 Nettop is well-suited for organizing the office workplace. The model has a compact size and is created on the basis of processor Intel Celeron / Pentium or Intel Core i3 with integrated Intel HD graphics and a built-in optical drive DVD-RW.

iRU 130
The iRU 130 Nettop computer can be used not only for the office but also as a home as media center. Just for this computer you may use the TV antenna and an integrated module Wi-Fi. The operating system is preinstalled Windows 8 or just DOS. It depends upon on choice, which OS you need.

Specifications of iRU 130 Nettop:

• Processor: Intel Celeron 530 or Pentium G860 or Core i3 3220
• Memory: 4 GB
• Hard Drive: 500 GB
• Optical drive: DVD-RW
• Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi
• Operating System: Windows 8/DOS
• Connectors: VGA x 1, USB 2.0 x 4, USB 3.0 x 2HDMI x 1 Gigabit Ethernet Lan x 1, 8-channel audio, TV-antenna, Com port (optional), the port for the printer (optional), headphone and microphone, card reader
• Dimensions: 270x 205 x 70 mm
This was all about the iRU 130 Nettop mini desktop computer. With its specs, it looks pretty good for office and home media center work. You can perform almost any general operation. Stay tuned for more information, happy toipoing, we will bring you more cool device as above.

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