Intel Smart Watch with Trol Trail Atom Processor ready to be revealed: Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

The wearable gadgets are not only supports the new trend and fashion, but also somewhere they are becoming our need, particularly the smart watches, are the new way to continue in the short term in the electronics industry. Giants like Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and Google have confirmed the working on Smart Watch projects. And now Intel is walking in the same lane and soon it will introduce Intel Smart Watch and Intel Smart Watch processor for other vendors.

Intel Smart Watch

Intel is aware of the value represented by this “new” market and do not want to be late, something that made it clear the words of the chip giant’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, who has said that the company will launch a gadget to dress the end of 2013. Unfortunately there was no specificity beyond that, although it is more likely that it is a smart watch. This new product would be enhanced, as hinted Krzanich, and it will use a Atom chip for Intel Smart Watch.

Intel Smart Watch Google Smart Watch

As we see Intel still committed to join the bandwagon of mobile devices broadly, focusing much of its efforts on improving briskly Atom architecture to make it more competitive with processors based on ARM which currently dominates the sector Mobile. This was all about the Intel Smart Watch which will be powered with new 28nm Atom processor (Intel trol trail atom series), which would be clocked at 2.4 GHz, this is only suggested by the rumors, and we have to wait for more, stay tuned with us, happy toipoing.

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