Intel Core i7-4960X Test Revealed: Review, Specs, Features and Performance

Recently, Intel has revealed top most leaders in the processor era, i.e. Intel Core i7-4960X which has tested with other models themselves and AMD. And here are the results:

Core i7-4960X

Following the launch of Intel Haswell and before arrival at the end of the year of new Atom, Intel will market the Ivy Bridge-E, microprocessors for desktop machines for socket LGA-2011, replacements for existing Sandy Bridge-E and the market leader for performance.

As you’ll see in the following image, the Ivy Bridge-E series will form three models called the Core i7-4960X, Core i7-4930K and Core i7-4820K:

Core i7-4960X

The most powerful would be the Core i7-4960X with six cores and twelve native processing threads, 15 MB third level cache, operating frequencies up to 4 GHz with Turbo Boost support for quad channel memory to 1866 MHz and a TDP set at 130 watts.

With these specifications is not surprising that the evidence make it clear that the Core i7-4960X is the fastest processor of the consumer market as well as being more efficient than the current top-end Core i7-3970X, for its manufacturing process 22 nanometers.

In addition to the Core i7-3970X, the flagship Ivy Bridge-E has been faced Haswell models as i7-4770K, other Extreme i7-3770K and the i7-2700K or AMD models like the FX-8350 and the A10-5800K. And guess what, Intel Core i7-4960X is ahead to every available processor.

Core i7-4960X

With Intel’s policy of setting the price of its top of the range at $ 1,000, it may be good time to buy a Core i7-3970X today or a Core i7-4820K that should hit the market at a better price than its big brother. And all this new series of processor the Ivy Bridge-E will reach this fall.

This was all regarding the performance and test that has performed recently on an sample processor Intel Core i7-4960X, stay tuned for more udates.

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