HTC M9 VS Samsung Galaxy S6

There is no doubt about that Samsung is dominating the current android Smartphone market, to continue it Samsung released its android flagship device dubbed as “Samsung Galaxy S5” in April 2014.. Now rumors are flying all over the internet about new “Samsung Galaxy S6”. Release date of Samsung Galaxy S6 seems far way from now but people have started to speculate.


Here in this article we are going to compare Samsung Galaxy S6 with new device from HTC may codenamed as”HTC ONE (M9). As I have said there is no official confirmation out there about both device, we have only rumors and leaked information. So we are going to collect and precise those rumors to compare both devices.

Display: It has been reported that HTC M9 will have dazzling 5.3-inch full HD screen with anti glare capability. While Samsung Galaxy S6 is reported to have 5.5 inches Ultra HD display.

Camera: It has been rumored that HTC M9 will feature 16 MP camera with latest editing features while you can expect 21 MP camera from Samsung Galaxy S6.

Memory:  HTC M9 is expected to come in two variants of -16/32 GB internal memory while Samsung Galaxy S6 is will provide -64/128 GB internal memory.

OS: New HTC M9 is expected to have new version of android i.e. android 5.0 milkshake while Samsung Galaxy may feature same as HTC M9 or more advanced version of android i.e. android 6.0

RAM: HTC M9 will have 3GB RAM while Samsung Galaxy S6 will have 4 GB RAM.

Processor: HTC M9 is expected to have Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset while Samsung Galaxy s6 will be powered by Snapdragon Qualcomm 810.

Battery backup: HTC M9 will provide battery backup of 3000 mAh while Samsung Galaxy S5 will provide battery backup of 3000 to 35000 mAh.

Release Date: Both are expected to be release in first Quarter of 2015.

Source – Samsung Galaxy Note 5


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