HTC Fetch new generation revolutionary mobile accessory

HTC Fetch new generation revolutionary mobile accessory

HTC brought new generation revolutionary mobile accessory for HTC mobile phones called HTC Fetch.  If you are one the busiest guys that you miss your mobile in a restaurant or in a meeting this new HTC Fetch will not allow you to move loosing your mobile. Yeah that’s correct!. If you’re tired of losing your phone frequently or leaving it behind every incident, the HTC Fetch is your solution.

HTC Fetch

HTC Fetch

Here it goes how HTC Fetch works !

On a simple button click the tiny key chain like HTC Fetch device activates your phone’s beeping (ring tone) with the range in 10 to 15 meters. Of course this range varies. All you have to do is pair HTC Fetch with your mobile phone using Bluetooth. When you do this and when it happens you are away from your phone any time you get a warning beep alerting you!.

Alas, some times it happens. Yes you may some time lose both your mobile and HTC Fetch. But don’t worry. It has a convenient map location feature also that helps you to find where your HTC Fetch and phone are together !.

All together HTC Fetch is fantastic device for all but remember it works with HTC mobiles!!.

Special Features

* Secure your phone and belongings
* Last seen tracking
* Remote camera shutter
* Easy to set up. Easier to use.
* Sleek and compact design
Bluetooth 4.0/BLE

HTC One mini, HTC Butterfly s, HTC One Max – HTC Fetch supports !

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