How to control iPhone and iPad with head movements | Magic of iOS 7 interface control

Apple has introduced lot of additional features in iOS 7, starting with the installation of large font, still inverted color scheme interface to expanding the functionality of the Home buttons Home. And now few of the features in iOS 7 works with the front camera as it happen in the case of Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship. Yes, we are talking about “how to control iPhone and iPad with head movements”.

iOS 7 - how to control iPhone and iPad with head movements


In the latest version of iOS 7 beta 2, you can find “Universal Access” new options to bind certain actions to the movement of the head to the left and right. For example, to select a specific part of the menu turn your head to the left or right (depending on settings). Among appointed to head motion features include click the Home button, call Safari, Notification Center, multitasking menu, decrease or increase the volume, click on the screen.

This was all about new features of iOS 7 beta 2 and you can understand all things from the above video; stay tuned for more updates, happy toipoing.

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