Google Nexus 6: The Best Smartphone of 2014 Coming Soon

Everyone rejoices the launch of Nexus 5 in the month of November last year. The individuals of all ages have loved it as it is a wonderful device because of its amazing features. Though, this sounds like an old news nowadays. Now, this is the time for the upcoming Smartphone, which is Nexus 6. All the people are buzzing about the next launch of Nexus 5 and also about its incredible features.


The Anxiety And The Expectation

The launch of every Smartphone grasp speculations, facts and sometimes rumors. The individuals go wild with unverified information and details about the next release and sometimes, some accurate details can be resultant of these rumors.

Now among the expected designs for the Smartphone, this displays the next Smartphone by Google in an absolutely unique and different form and design. There are trimmings that provide it an awesome and modern look and it also consists a bent screen as well. The screen of this Smartphone is large and it also includes stereo speakers at the bottom and top on the front board to give a superb look while sounding spectacular. In other words, this Smartphone is of such type that everyone wants to have this in his/her pocket. Thanks to the developers and designers for developing such an amazing device.

Have A Look On The Features

Here are some features of the Nexus 6 are described as follows:

  • Finger Print Sensors

The requirements for the Snartphones, which are planned or designed to increase the privacy will surely be fulfilled after the launch of this Smartphone as it has the ability to sense the finger prints. It will also consist of thermo and atmosphere sensors.

  • Large Display

This Smartphone contains a large screen of 5 inches with 2k UHD display. Due to its larger display, it will be in a great demand as the individuals want to have full clarity in photos or videos and wonderful functionality in these devices. Truly, the individuals will love this Smartphone.

  • 4GB RAM

The individuals always demand for a better memory space in the Smartphones in the today’s market. The individuals love to see videos, playing games, undergoing rock and roll with their Smartphones and many more, which will demand for a greater memory capacity. This Smartphone of Google has 4GB RAM. Moreover, there will be 2 models of this Smartphone, one will include 64GB interior memory and the other model will have 128 GB inner memory.

  • Camera of 20 MP

This Smartphone will consist of a camera that is of 20 mega pixels and it will have low sensitivity towards light specifications.


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