Google Nexus 5 Release Date, Craze & Expectations!

Are you an enthusiastic consumer of Nexus products? If yes, then you have a reason to smile since Google is expected to release a new Smartphone from Nexus dubbed Google Nexus 5. This device is the successor of the current Nexus 4. In a statement released recently, Google announced that it will be launching the new gadget soon. However, they didn’t say exactly when they expect to launch the device. Very little has been said about the new Google Nexus 5. However, people anticipate that the gadget might have to wait until November or December. This assumption is being drawn from the fact that Google is used to releasing its products after the holiday. The last two Google Nexus releases were done in November and December.

Google Nexus 5 Release Date, Craze & Expectations!

It is also estimated that the new gadget will come with better specifications than its predecessor- Nexus 4. This makes the market extremely eager about the expected launch. Consumers want to know what promises this gadget has. Rumor has it that Google Nexus 5 will come with 4G LTE, which lacked in Nexus 4. In fact, this is one of the reasons why Nexus 4 failed to thrive in the market as expected. The truth is that if Nexus 5 will offer 4G LTE information storage space then it will have a good chance to give other similar gadgets a competitive advantage.

This launch is expected to happen at a time when Samsung is expected to launch its Galaxy S5 or even months earlier. Therefore the Google Nexus 5 will have a tough time trying to find a market in an already saturated market. However, people expect the smartphone to come at a more affordable cost than Samsung Galaxy S5. One of the reasons why prefer to buy Nexus 4 despite its deficit is the fact that it is affordable. It is also estimated that it will have more exciting features. Another important aspect to note about this launch is that some market analysts estimate that the device will have another name other than Nexus 5. This is particularly because is known to keep changing the trend of naming its products. But the market is yet to see what will happen.

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