Galaxy S6 Smartphone| Specs| Features| Price| Rumors| All You Need To Know

News about the pending release of Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone has elicited a lot of drama from the public. Anyone who has been following Samsung’s news will tell you that if this rumor is true then you can expect three Smartphones from Samsung to be released into the market in a single year. Well, this seems rather unusual for the giant tech company to let its three Smartphones to compete in the market at the same time!

Galaxy S6

Analysts however have attributed this to the cut-throat competition that has engulfed the Smartphone market. All the major Smartphone manufacturers have got high tech products to show the masses. Most notable is Apple, which has already released its iPhone 5S. This Smartphone has taken the world of Smartphones by storm by claiming the number one spot. It has been made with high end technology including the likes of 64-bit micro processor that has not appeared in any other Smartphone. This is not good news to Samsung as the two Smartphones set to be released this year cannot match Apple’s iPhone 5S. This has thus created the need for Samsung to release a model, Galaxy S6, that will adequately compete with iPhone 5S.


It is perfectly true that this device will be Samsung’s finest creation. But one question needs to be addressed; will it come at an affordable price? Samsung produces characteristic high end Smartphones for people who will not mind paying a high potato for high technology. This phone is therefore feared that it may come at a high end price. However, analysts argue that it will come at a handsome price for its quality. It is expected to range between $750 and $800. Considering that it will be better in terms of technological developments than Galaxy Note 3 phablet which is now retailing at around $770, then this will be a good price.


This device is expected to have superior features. Some of the features rumored to come with this Galaxy S6 Specs include:

ü  Camera

ü  Operating system

ü  Processor

  • Camera

Samsung has decided to capitalize on camera for better photo-taking experience. It is rumored to be manufacturing a 20 MP primary camera that will come with Optical Image Stabilization as well as 4K resolution. This camera will be flagged by another front-side 4-7 megapixel secondary camera to complement the photo-taking experience.

  • Operating system

Samsung is known for its love for technological advancement. In this Galaxy S6 Smartphone, it is expected to use its own Exynos operating system. However, this OS is based on Android OS but has been modified to match Samsung’s standards. Thus the blending of Android and Exynos will with no doubt let you enjoy the Smartphone.

  • Processor

The launching of a 64-bit processor run Smartphone by Apple is not giving Samsung peaceful night. Samsung has already confirmed that it will match this iPhone’s processor in the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The battle for top Smartphone in the market is not about to end. Every Smartphone manufacturer is developing new technology with an aim of propelling the company to greater height. However, if Samsung will launch this Smartphone with all these rumored technology and features, then it will be expected to control a sizeable market in the Smartphone market.

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