Galaxy Note 3 release date September 4: Confirmed Specs, Price and Pre Order

The mystery about the next phablet from Korean giant still surrounded by numerous rumors, here we are talking about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date. Thanks to recent comments from the Samsung that suggest the possibility launch and different versions of the Galaxy Note III.

Galaxy Note 3 release date

The possible month that Samsung has hinted for the Galaxy Note 3 release is Septemper 2013. To be specific, the Galaxy Note 3 release date is scheduled for September 4, 2013. Yes, all the rumors and latest comments confirm this date. But who knows, if Samsung will launch another device on this scheduled date. But if Samsung will postpone the Galaxy Note 3 release date then, competitors such as Sony Xperia Z Ultra can snatch the crown.

September 4 is just two days before the start of this year’s IFA, as we know, it will held in Berlin. Well, this date look sensible according to all the cases with Samsung and its official comments. The Korean giant is given a date to celebrate their own events to showcase their star products and the Galaxy Note III is just one of them.

But the argument does not end here. It is clear that the fact of presenting the Galaxy Note III just two days before an event IFA itself maintains the expectation on the terminal, so that Samsung would get public attention twice, given the proximity of the two events.
This was all about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date, for a recap we want to tell you, Samsung Note 3 is powered with 2GB of RAM, octa-core big-Little Exynos Power Chip processor that are clocked at 2.4GHz and low performance cores are clocked at 1.7GHz. However, Galaxy Not 3 price is not yet revealed; stay tuned with us, we will update ASAP, happy toipoing.

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