Fingerprint reader in iPhone 5S would be built into the screen

Lack of official confirmation but the presence of a fingerprint reader on the iPhone 5S is a reality for many media, but so far we have not at all clear where to integrate exactly the reader.

iPhone 5S

We’ve seen rumors that the fingerprint reader sensor would be integrated on the start button or “Home” button itself, but the light output of force us to think that the reader could be located behind the display of the iPhone 5S, as it could be seen in the image.

With this possibility in mind we can ask if it is really worth incorporating this type of reader to smartphone. The truth is yes, as it opens the door to new functions quite interesting that, ultimately, improve the security of the terminal. For example, we could use it as a means to lock and unlock and even for conducting secure payments.
Finally, one of the big companies’ dedicated to fingerprint readers “digitlaes” said that Apple will use a “unique technology.” But nothing has been confirmed, the technology that would support iPhone 5S fingerprint reader, render every single possible sensor. So, there is much to know about upcoming Apple’s arrival, stay tuned for more information. According to the latest informations, Apple will implement more advanced sensor in Apple iPad Air 3.

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