Dual-core Intel Silvermont Atom processor 30% more productive than 800 Snapdragon: Brief Review, Specs, Features and Release Date

Intel has made new atom processor architecture, this time Dual-core Intel Silvermont Atom processor will be available until the second half of this year. Moreover, most of the official specs have been revealed on the web. And it looks pretty impressive and expected performance is also more than enough.

Intel Silvermont
Intel Silvermont Atom with dual-core, clocked at 1.1 GHz, a popular test AnTuTu managed to show the results score of 43,416 points. For comparison, devices with Snapdragon quad-800 provide about 30,000 points in the same test application. The final conclusions are still doing very early, but the first figures are very encouraging. Intel Silvermont Atom could be the breakthrough for ARM processors?

Intel Silvermont

The architecture of the extraordinary performance of cores (out-of-order) supports for 64-bit instructions, improved power saving mechanisms and use of 22-nanometer process technology with transistors Tri-Gate is a revolution. It is the most serious redesign of Intel Atom processors since their introduction (2008). Such technological “explosive mixture” will allow the manufacturer to seriously break into the struggle for the market of portable devices. So, let’s wait for Intel Silvermont Smartphone, who would change the smartphone era, stay tuned. Happy toipoing!

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