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At Microsoft BUILD conference in San Francisco, it was announced the availability of the new Windows 8.1 Preview – the first public version of a major upgrade to Windows 8. Windows 8.1 offers a significant number of updates, and they concern mainly with Modern UI (what used to be called Metro-style). So, now in the new update of Windows 8.1 Preview opportunities are expanded for setting up the home screen. The new version or update is available; you can download Windows 8.1 free from Microsoft official site.

Microsoft Windows 8.1


Download Windows 8.1

In the new Windows 8.1 function has also been enhanced with the location of several Metro-applications on the same screen (if the user previously could “deliver” next only 2 applications that shared the screen at preset ratio of 30/70, but now there is a mode 50/50, plus there may be more than two). Also, expanded the support for multi-system, control panel in the Modern UI become more functional, the system now uses the search engine Bing etc. It also reported after updating to Windows 8.1, many improvements also come through built-in applications – in particular, the Windows 8.1 has a new version of the browser from Microsoft, Internet Explorer 11. As you can download Windows 8.1 free and along with it, you can also download Internet Explorer 11 for Windows (present Windows)


Upgrading to Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview is now available for download at this location, before installing, Microsoft recommends that you create a bootable flash drive to restore the previous system, if in the future you may want to roll back to Windows 8. On the same page there is a link to download the ISO-image of the system, but at the moment address file is not yet available. However, the final version of Windows 8.1 is expected later this year, presumably in the fall. So, what you are waiting for download Windows 8.1 free now to enjoy all new features and UI, happy toipoing.

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