Download iOS 7 beta 3 for iPad and iPhone, arriving 8th July

Just few days ago, we have seen the iOS 7 beta 2 update for iPad and iPhone and it was one of the complete successful story of the departure new iOS beta 2. Now sources are suggesting, and giving information about iOS 7 beta 3. You will be able to download iOS 7 beta 3 update from Dev Centeral.

download iOS 7 beta 3

Thus, according to these sources, the iOS 7 beta 3 will arrive on July 8, a date that seems correct and is even quite close to the release schedule than we did echo in time in this story. iOS 7 beta 2 update has brought, new changes such as head movements control (interface control), well it is expected, iOS 7 beta 3 will not brings many changes, but it will improve the flow of iOS 7. So, just wait for 8th of July as after that you will be able to download iOS 7 beta 3 from DevCenteral.


If you are just confirming the release date then we will suggest you, it may cross 8th of July, but according to announcement it would be in an average of two weeks of time between iOS 7 beta. However, bear in mind that these cycles may change, in fact we can remember precisely the first beta iOS 6 cycles remained two weeks, but in the past the Cupertino passed release cycle every three weeks.

With regard to possible improvements in iOS 7 beta 3 can be expected to fix many problems, such as random black backgrounds, blockades and some bugs in Control Center. Yes, a beta is what you have, it fails, but there are little things that get better with each new version, not worse.
Soon, you will be able to download iOS 7 beta 3 for your iPhone and iPad from here only, we will publish a link asap, stay tuned with us, happy toipoing.

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