Dominating the World – Samsung Note 4

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Series has been dominating the Phablet market globally and with the expected release of Note 4, this legacy is maintained. It has not been long since the release of Note 3, the Note 4 is already going viral. Samsung comes up with some new specs with the release of its every new device, therefore, its new upcoming phablet is expected to have some advanced features.

Samsung Note 4

If we talk about specifications, nothing has been confirmed by the manufacturers but The Korean News time has revealed some of its specification based on the clues given by some Samsung’s official. Let’s talk about some of its expected specifications:

Operating System:

It is rumoured that the new Phablet will be operating on Android  4.5/5.0 Lollipop- the latest version of Android that ensures that your device never gets slow during multitasking.

Wireless Charging:

Everyone has been waiting for very long to have a device with wireless charging. Finally, the wait will come to an end. Samsung is rumoured to develop a technology that can charge your phone without the hassle of wires. This will be beneficial to the people who travel a lot!


Note 4 is expected to have a camera of 16MP which will allow you to take amazing and clear pictures wherever you want. Besides the image sensor, Camera is expected to be sensitive which will enable you to click images in low light and at night time also. It is also reported that the device will integrate the optical image stabilization feature which means to have picture clicked even while you are moving around.

Curved Display:

Nowadays, in tech world, People are obsessed with the curved display of the phones. When Samsung s4 and S5 were released, there were a lot of rumours about their curved display, but we didn’t get to see the curved display in the devices. This time, Samsung has officially stated that their next device has a fair chance to have a curved display.

What more features can be seen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

  • The internal memory of 4 GB is expected which can be further expanded up to 64 GB. And also, it may support 128 GB on board storage memory.
  • The battery is said to be of 3,300 mAH
  • 4G and Dual channel Wi-fi Capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is in a very high competition this year. It is expected to release in October 2014.

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