Concept Design of Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4, the next generation phablet from the leading smartphone manufacturer Samsung will be unleashed within a few months, thus the tech geeks and designers are busy sketching the blueprint of this phablets design. Lately, ace designer Jermaine Smit presented a concept design of Note 4 in The concept design conjured by him is simply awesome incorporating many advanced specification in style. Here is outline of this concept design so as to give you hang of what we expect from Note 4.

Galaxy Note 4



In the concept design etched by Jermaine Smit, Note 4 is being presented as a slim and sleek gadget weighing only about 183 g. It measures in totality about 81.3mm by 152.3 mm and thus you will be able smartly fit it in your palm. Moreover, it is very light in weight, which makes the gadget very user-friendly as well.

Colour Variations

In this concept design, we find Note 4 in two basic colour variations i.e. black and white. There is no denying the fact these two basic solid colours are very suave and has a magic about it, but they are very commonplace at the same time. Last year, we saw Apple launching its gadget in vibrant neon colours and believe us or not it had quite a demand in the market. That being said, we think it would be good enough for Samsung to move a bit from the stereotype. However, we cannot be judgemental as because this is just a concept design and there are still chances of Samsung surprising us. In Smit’s concept design the black or white back cover can be slid up to get access to the battery, SIM card, memory card and external component of the phone.


Note 4 is going to come with a 20.0 MP rear camera comes with ISOCELL technology and dual LED flash lights that allows you to take good quality pictures even in poorly lighted areas. The 5MP rear camera will guarantee awesome selfies and good video calling experience as well.

Metal Finish

Samsung smartphones have been always criticised for having plastic bodies. But this time since Note 4 is going for a showdown with its old enemy iPhone 6, and it is keeping no stones unturned to feat Apple. Therefore, Smit has opted for a metal body while designing the concept image of Note 4. The metallic finish certainly imparts a classy look to the hi-tech phablet.

Eye Scanning and Fingerprint Recognition

As the functionality of phablets are escalating, we are also expecting it to come with better security features so as to minimize the rate of fraudulent activities through this gadget. To keep up with this objective, we are expecting the Note 4 to come with iris scanning and finger print recognizing ability so that the gadget cannot be accessed by only authorised persons.

In the concept design of Galaxy Note 4 by Smit, these features has been highlighted which we think are quite justified. Do share your thoughts about this design in the comment’s section!!

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