Buy now AMD FX-9590 Price, Performance, Specs and Features

Most recently, AMD introduced the most high-speed eight-processor model AMD FX-9590, which operates at frequencies up to 5 GHz. Moreover, its performance and specs has been revealed which bet on beast computing performance and calculation power.

AMD FX-9590

Recall that the AMD FX-9590 will come with a base frequency of 4.7 GHz, thanks to the technology of dynamic overclocking Turbo CORE, that can dynamically accelerate to 5 GHz. Integrated High frequency chip of family Vishera are not so simple. Staffing CPU, manufacturer has increased voltage to 1.5 V, while the TDP new item is rated at 220 watts.

AMD FX-9590

With luck, may achieve similar frequencies and more affordable models of the series FX-8000. However, a possible acceleration and guaranteed by the manufacturer mode – two fundamentally different things. It is for this reason that AMD FX-9590 is priced at $ 900, and will initially be offered only to manufacturers of powerful gaming systems.
This was another article regarding the AMD FX-9590, stay tuned for more updates and news, happy toipoing.

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