BlackBerry Q5 Review: Doesn’t Stand Special

Recently, BlackBerry revealed its smartphone BlackBerry Q5 and today we get the chance to bring the complete review of this device which will guide you through its plus point and negative points. Q5 is the natural replacement for the classic Curve smartphones of BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Q5

If we talk about the price of this phone, it is priced at 320 euros and similar features of this phone are also present in the big bro BlackBerry Q10.

Technical Specs of Q5:

• Manufacturer: BlackBerry
• Model Q5
• Connectivity: 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
• Display: 3.1″ 720p.
• Camera: 5MP and 2MP.
• Storage: 8GB and has micro SD card slot
• Operating System: BlackBerry OS 10


BlackBerry Q5 comes with 3.1 screen 720p resolution, and the A9 dual core 1.5 Ghz processor. The RAM in this phone is 1GB versus 2GB of Q10 and 5MP rear camera completes its specifications.
There is difference between the BlackBerry Q5 and Q10 is in its construction. If Q10 found in aluminium and carbon fiber, the Q5 advocates a completely plastic construction.


Q10 costs just 100 euros more than Q5 and really Q10 is better in terms of holding feeling and performance. However, if there is something that is saved in this design, is its QWERTY keyboard. This time BlackBerry keys placed slightly apart, almost isolated from each other, thus breaking one of its hallmarks. Somehow the keyboard of BlackBerry Q5 further reminds us of smartphones like the HTC ChaCha to that of the classic BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Q5

What is the best? That the idea works. Somehow we feel that the new key layout allows us to be more accurate and make fewer mistakes. We also liked the way in which we can access the SIM slot and micro SD card. It is hidden in one of the side ends, under a cover which we have to lift. The downside is that the construction of the system is also somewhat coarse and not hard to see how dirt accumulates in the hinge slot.


BlackBerry 10 needs more apps


As the Q10 and Z10, the new BlackBerry Q5 incorporates the latest operating system of the firm, BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry 10 OS is a really interesting, with good ideas, such as hubs, but perhaps somewhat limited in applications.


The most popular apps like WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook are well implemented and also the new BBM is a delight. If our most frequent contacts are also BlackBerry users, we have a real reason to embrace change. And in this point, we remain convinced that sweeps BBM to competition, both technical, as in reliability and safety.

Camera and Video


The camera quality has become one of the purchase factors. In the case of this BlackBerry Q5, we found a 5 MP that falls a bit short when compared to other 5 mp camera smartphone i.e. Sony Xperia SP. The front camera instead meets best, and its 2 MP seems sufficient for video conferencing solutions, in addition to taking advantage that Skype itself available to BlackBerry 10.


Camera in BlackBerry Q5 has some merits and it is a fast camera. Open the application and take a snapshot is something most can do in the same gesture, in a process that takes less than a second.


Moreover, the features are similar to other terminals BlackBerry 10. Few options in the camera app, but instead we get a tool as interesting as Time Shift, which helps us to make “the perfect shot”. On the video, Q5 offers the ability to record at 1080p, a feature that is appreciated.


Battery and connectivity

BlackBerry Q5 has a battery that has captivity of 2180mAh, and in battery backup Q5 outperforms than its “big brothers”.
In terms of connectivity, the Q5 may have the honor of being the NFC phone 4G + cheapest in the market, which is not bad, when you consider that we are in a time where it seems that both technologies will begin to take off in our country. Also, thanks to a micro SD card slot, as though the internal storage of 8 GB, we can only use 4 GB.

And we miss micro HDMI connectivity which is present in both the Z10 and the Q10. We consoled ourselves with the fact however that Q5 does support DLNA, which is good news for everyone.

BlackBerry Q5 is a terminal that somehow remains in no man’s land. It has many of the features that we can ask a midrange smartphone, but it does not stand for anything special.

Thankfully has incorporated some features usually only seen on high-end terminals such as 4G connectivity and NFC, but the excessive use of plastic and quite discreet design, do not play exactly in their favor.

However, main problem in BlackBerry Q5 is the price. Investing 100 euros more, we can get a BlackBerry Q10, high-end terminal that far outstrips the Q5 in every aspect. Now you can easily decide, if this phone satisfy your needs, happy toipoing.

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